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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Child Development Center diagnose a disability?

No. Only a qualified medical professional can diagnose a disability. The staff at Child Development Center work with children based on their developmental delay(s) regardless of whether or not a diagnosis has been made.

Does the Child Development Center provide childcare?

No.The Child Development Center (CDC) does not provide childcare. CDC is an education-based organization that provides early intervention therapies and preschool classes for children birth through age five in Natrona County.

How do I know if my child qualifies for free services at CDC?

The Child Development Center (CDC) offers free developmental screenings at NO COST to families. In order for a child to qualify for free services, the following steps have to take place:

1. Participation in a developmental screening
2. Formal referral for evaluation
3. Evaluation and assessment
4. Eligibility determination
5. An IFSP or IEP meeting

For more information contact CDC at 235.5097