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For Parents

The Child Development Center (CDC) is one of several organizations in the State of Wyoming that provide free, developmentally appropriate services for children birth through age five. CDC offers free developmental screenings, early intervention for children with a developmental disability, and a play-based fully inclusive preschool program.

At the Child Development Center, it is believed that all children acquire and master skills at their own pace. Through CDC’s free developmental screenings, families can find out how their child is growing and developing compared to the national average. If a child is delayed in meeting any age-appropriate milestones, then a plan, called an IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) or IEP (Individual Education Plan), can be developed to help that child on an individual basis.

“Milestones,” or skills, such as taking a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving bye-bye, enable parents and physicians to monitor a baby’s learning, behavior, and development.

The term “milestone” takes its name from a stone marker placed along the road that indicates the distance traveled. Recognizing a child’s milestones helps to mark progress along a child’s developmental journey.

While each child develops differently, some differences may indicate a slight delay while others may be a cause for greater concern. Checking that a child is meeting age appropriate milestones provides important information for tracking healthy development from birth through five years of age.

Before your child’s next birthday, take time to see if your child has met his/her key milestones. These milestones should not be used in place of a screening, but should be used as discussion points between parents and professionals at your CDC screening or “well child” visit with a physician. If a child does not have the skills listed—or if there is a loss of any skill at any age—be sure to let your physician know.

Click here for a complete developmental milestone guideline.

Call the Child Development Center if you live in Natrona County at (307)235-5097 to schedule a free development screening. If you live outside of Natrona County, please find the organization nearest you by contacting Child Development Services of Wyoming (CDS):

For more information on the research based curriculum used in CDC’s preschool program, please visit the Creative Curriculum website: