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Cognitive Skill Developmental

Cognitive skills are the basic mental abilities used for thinking, problem-solving, studying and learning. In children this includes the ways they solve problems and learn. As children develop cognitively, they build knowledge and learn about their environment. The key components of cognitive development include memory, concentration, attention, perception, imagination and creativity.

If a child qualifies for Cognitive Skill Development Services (also called “Specialized Instruction”) through the developmental screening and evaluation process, intervention services will be provided by an Early Childhood Educator or Early Childhood Special Educator in a child’s natural environment. For children ages birth through two years this is usually the home or a childcare setting. For children ages three through five years it is often a preschool or other educational setting. The goal of Cognitive Skill Development is to develop or improve a child’s ability to learn, study, analyze, recall information, and make associations between various pieces of information in order for the child to successfully process information. Strong cognitive skills are the basis for strong academic performance.

Activities to Focus on for Cognitive Skill Development:

  • Reading: One of the components of cognitive development is language skills. Reading activities are very important for helping children to develop language skills. Also, interacting through books can promote verbal skills and visual development.

  • Memory: Building skills in concentration and memory are a part of cognitive development. Various activities such as matching games, puzzles, and toys that focus on construction help to build a child’s cognitive ability.

  • Mathematics: Math skills are also a component of cognitive skill development. Activities that encourage learning and talking about numbers, playing math games, and counting can help children to build cognitive skills.

  • Creativity: Creative activities can help to promote many types of learning and build important connections in the brain. Art and music activities can promote and encourage a child’s cognitive development.

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